Violetta Vollrath

Born. 1957 in Fürth/Bay., studies of civil engineering at TH Darmstadt. After some years of working as civil engineer 1990 change to stage painting, training at the Staatstheater Mainz, participation several times of courses of summer academies in Marburg and Trier (u.a. Gregor Hiltner, Walter Henn), since 2001 participation in the annual Open Day in Rheinland-Pfalz (state in Germany)".
Since 1993 free painting and ordered works

Two work lines 1. Environmental and social politics themes 2. Landscapes and rooms enable the beholder to free herself/himself from thinking in terms, to forget herself and POSESSING for a short while and merely BE.

Some exhibitions, installations and art actions:
"Evening over the combat tank factory", entrance of Phönixhalle, Mainz, 8/2001,
exhibition participation (large painting) "DenkMalAuto" (about cars) of Local AGENDA 21 Mainz, Town Hall Mainz, 10/2003,
Installation "sheep and mirror sheep", Mainz 3/04,
"Wall tale", action painting Osthofen 5/04,
"Tree sunshade", installation Gutenbergplatz Mainz, 7/04,
"Rom - Mainz or painted cities deceivingly beautiful", Stadtbibliothek Mainz, 9-10/04.
Town hall Mainz-Bretzenheim, 7,8/05
art association Eisenturm Mainz, exhibition series "Art flash" 7/05
"Location to live", installation Main Station Mainz 3/06
Partizipation Rheinland-Pfalz art fair Mainz 5/06
SWR (art gallery of a public TV and Radio station), Mainz, 07
"Really rescuing measures" Bad Harzburg/St. Andreasberg, 11-12/07
"Jumeaux-Jumelles", Dijon, (G), 6/08
"Nature and Man" , selection exhibition fort the art award, St. Andreasberg, 08 and 09
"Really rescuing measures", Art Gallery of Environmental State office, Berlin 08
"The 1-Billion -Euro Project", Schauraum, Worms 10/09, artists association Walkmühle Wiesbaden 5/2010 (G)
"intersection", Rathaus/Eisenturm Mainz (G, Dijon/Mainz), 11/09
"Big wood view with car and animal", Burggrafiat, Alzey, 6/10
"Animal help yourself" - Museum Heylshof, Worms, 6-9/11
"Really rescuing measures", Modellbahnhof Stockheim, 7-8/11
Kunstverein Walpodenstr. 21, Mainz with action painting, (G) 5/11

special award of Kunstpreis Eisenturm 2004
award Galerie im Uhrturm, Dierdorf, 1. price 2006

exhibitions archive with photos (in German)

Please order references for commissioned work e-mail or look under Werbetransparente.

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